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Tukikohta Kuopio

Tukikohta – the Base

We are home smelling and family tasting congregation in Petonen, Kuopio.  We are group of people who are beloved by God. We believe and understand, that the Bible is the book of perfect God, who loves imperfect people. He is our saviour and our healer and he is aim of our faith. He is our Heavenly Father and His desire is that we may know Him, and our community can recognise Him through our lives.

You are warmly waited for and through our prayers loved – to be one of us.

Welcome – Tervetuloa!

Viikoittaiset tilaisuudet


Jumalanpalvelus klo 11:00


Aamurukous klo 9:00


Rukousilta klo 19:00


Varkki-ilta klo 18:00

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